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In this day of lots of internet noise about weight loss, we  feel that positively connecting with a woman's hormonal shifting is essential to her optimal health!  So, we're glad you're here. If you're struggling with peri-menopause or menopause, you're in the right place.   We hope this puts you on the right track...  if you like take a moment and drop us a line.

Here's how  Sage Masters Wellness can help you!

First, A Bit About...The Journey

A Busy Professional "Peri-Menopausal" Woman...Probably Just Like You

Hello, I'm Barbara Hulin. Let me tell you just a bit about my journey as a peri-menopausal woman, in full throttle to menopause. 

About a decade+ ago, when I was a busy professional career woman, during a highly stressful time in my life, I found  myself searching for answers to women's health issues and it being perplexing, at best. My journey started with an attempt to find out why my body was changing physically, (you know that mysterious weight gain and belly fat)  emotionally (hormones causing havoc). I felt "out of sorts, not like  myself." I wanted my naturally good feeling body to bounce back, feel grounded, and energized  to support the things I wanted to do in my life!  

Unfortunately, finding an easy way to make that happen was not a simple quest. At the time, even when I reached out to female doctors, I found the medical system pretty broken when it came to solutions or positive direction to resolve women's health issues.  

Those past experiences became the tipping point for me. The beginning of my journey to "heal" myself with nature. Through vigorous health and wellness practitioner's training, I empowered myself to find a natural way to experience better health, all the time! 

I embraced self-care, clean mindful eating and moving the body aka exercise! This trifecta  became my ritual for true health care. I refused to accept the old adage "this is just the way it is as you get older" or its in the genes (genes are not our destiny, ladies), we hold feminine power to ignite our own health! 

Pro Point: When we pay close attention to our digestive system, liver process and balance our hormones and blood sugar levels, they all can play well together to position our body to repair and balance itself, ultimately releasing unwanted weight gain and supplying us with all of the energy our body needs!

So, now, what I know for sure is that I was in the midst of navigating the natural, transitioning stage of a woman's life: Peri-menopause...heading directly to a new powerful feminine chapter: Menopause. No shame in the game. Trust me ladies, with the right knowledge and expert guidance the path can be empowering! I'm now in post-menopause and here to tell the story and help you with yours!


Hormonal Retuning: Peri-Menopause to Menopause!

All right ladies, this is all about you! Here's how I can help you release stubborn menopause weight gain and become a stronger, healthier version of You during your peri-menopause to menopause journey! 

I offer personalized, holistic solutions for women just like you to help get your body out of menopause mayhem and back on track! My boutique coaching options: Platinum Private 1-1s, small group "woman to woman" mentor coaching and All About Me VIP Days! All designed with your specific situations, in mind.

But first, let's check in to see if you are, in fact, having peri-menopause upheaval or menopause symptoms?  It's a bit confusing, but did you know that they are two different stages, with similar symptoms?

 Are you experiencing?

  • mid-life weight gain 
  • excess belly fat
  • fatigue, foggy brain
  • mood swings
  • joint pain
  • sugar or salt cravings
  • digestive distress
  • personal summers (aka) hot flashes or night sweats

 Yes, some symptoms are triggered, during the transition of peri-menopause and some are triggered during menopause and some women have a smooth ride (no symptoms)! You know what?  Your Hormones Rule!

Now, if you are ready to release the weight you can. How? By balancing your hormones with natural nutritional  solutions and mega self-care. My holistic women's Retune Your Hormones system is the solution to help you release menopause weight (without deprivation) and handle any other chronic symptoms, you may have.  Here is your opportunity to step into your best women's health, even in peri-menopause, menopause and beyond! 

  So, let's chat. See where you are now, where you want to be and how we can get you there! 

Just click the button below to schedule a free "Retune Your Hormones" discovery conversation and take a look at my "Why?  Work With Me" page. Or if you have a question send us a message! We would love to hear from you!

PS...As a gift from me for reading this far download my gift: Clean Eating Shopping Guide! It's sure to give you a few healthful pointers to support your hormonal health as you make the changes to eat clean!

Here's to happy hormones,

    *Barbara J*

aka The Hormone Maven

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